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Here is a list of services we can bring to your business

Mobile Development

We build mobile experiences on both Android and iOS platforms.

Full-Stack Software

We develop all facets of your application, from the database to the front end design.

Cloud Deployment

We help you scale your application to deliver to millions of people using modern cloud solutions.



Fan Engagement


Food Social Network


Yoga Alarm Clock


Smart Wearables

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Personalized Mobile CRM


Curated Video Content

The Halcyon App Package

How we accelerate your startup

  • Design

    If you do not already have a logo or a name for your product, we will help you create one. We have connections with graphic designers who will work with you to craft the perfect company image.

  • Define

    We work with you to create a clear roadmap of exactly what functionality is needed for the MVP (Minimum Viable Product). We will advise startups on what features add value and prove market fit. From there, we will discuss development timelines and product platforms.

  • Develop

    This is when we will get started on creating your application! We will provide regular checkpoints where you can see our progress and provide input about design and features along the way.

  • Deploy

    Once we have completed the scope of the project, we are ready to deploy the application to its first users! We will configure cloud servers to support your application if necessary and set up a beta program on your application's platforms. From there, you can learn how real users are interacting with your product and gain insight into where your product can improve.

  • Deliver

    We will provide documentation and training for your team to maintain and improve the software as your product grows and evolves

  • Be Part
    Of Our

Our Amazing Team

Skilled professionals working for you.

Scott Swarthout

Lead Developer

Derek Metcalf

Director of Operations

Dean Miesner

Lead Marketer

Brody Clarke

Software Developer

Gustavo Fulton

Software Developer

We are students at Michigan State University who want to use our skills to develop startups in Michigan.

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